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In 1991 we were providing basic business mailing lists to a modest variety of key domestic clients. Today we provide both business and consumer data from all over the world to a broad portfolio of clients at home and abroad, from small businesses and SoHo traders to major blue-chip corporations.

Brokerage clients have included the Greater London Authority, IBM, Honeywell, Triton, Sage Software, Tiscali, St John's Ambulance, Centaur Publishing, Aiwa Electronics, Norwich Union, Rentokil Initial, Sony, Zurich Financial Services, MORI, and British Safety Council.

In 2003 we began developing a new specialist in-house database focused on the emerging sectors of ‘Facilities’ and ‘Health & Safety’. By the following year we had successfully added email addresses to most of it, pioneering what we believe, at the time, was one of the first purpose-built/compiled email marketing databases to become commercially available in the UK.

Because of the many challenges involved with building and maintaining accurate compiled email data it is understandable why so few of our peers and suppliers followed suit, with most of the other email contact lists that followed usually being generated by the registration process of trade exhibitions and business journal subscriptions as publishers developed their online operations.

By 2008 we had begun adding a third level of contact to our in-house email datafile - ‘Environmental’.

All three elements of our database continue to develop and grow as does our portfolio of generous customer testimonials. Like every business, we keep a keen eye to the ‘competition’ but despite the emergence of other email list suppliers in the market it would seem that we remain one of the few who retain the core values upon which every high quality database should be built, while roundly rejecting the more common contemporary practices employed to produce cheap, fast and easy data of questionable substance: brightly packaged, high-volume and aggressively sold off to the lowest bidder... so, buyer beware!!

Today, in addition to our own in-house data and broking operation, we are drawing on our years of list building experience to assist clients with bespoke database development should the precise type of database required not already be available off-the-shelf.

Despite the popularity of ‘off-shoring’ which saw many domestic businesses outsource their call centre activities to cheap overseas operatives, we have always insisted that all of our research is carried out by established professional UK-based operatives with the correct linguistic skills and coloquial knowledge and, judging by the rate at which many former off-shoring enthusiasts are now bringing their call centres back to the UK, our policy was clearly the correct one.