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2019 marks GRS’s 29th year in the direct marketing industry.

We have always understood and respected the concept of data protection as both legal and ethical requirements while taking all of our compliance obligations very seriously.

We have been registered with the Information Commissioners Office since 2002 and have consistently complied with all relevant data protection laws including the pivotal Privacy & Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 which coincided with the launch of our own small and highly specialized ‘E-file’.

The E-file comprises of three specific sectors - Facilities Management, Health & Safety and Environmental - focusing on larger commercial sites. All contacts contained within it are collected and re-verified periodically by telephone at switchboard and/or departmental level (by professional UK-based researchers) as the most appropriate decision makers at their business location for each of the three functions.

The only personal information we hold on these data subjects includes contact name, job title/function, organisation name and email address. Other data such as the postal location, switchboard telephone, number of staff on site and business activity relate only to the legal entity being the incorporated company itself.

Signed official Terms and Conditions have always ensured that E-file users also observe all relevant data protection laws, duly follow unsubscribe protocol and immediately pass to us any complaints from data subjects requesting removal from our masterfile. It is noteworthy that in the 15+ years since the E-file was launched, only six such requests have ever been received. Of those six, when full context was discussed, three opted to remain on the file.


We would hope that any marketing communications received as a result of inclusion in our E-file are always professional and relevant. However if, as a contact listed on it, you wish to amend your details or unsubscribe completely please email our Data Protection Officer here with your name, company name and email address and you will be removed permanently.

Please note that exclusion from our list may not result in the kind of reduction in or filtering of marketing communication you wish to achieve as, ultimately, we may not be responsible for the kinds of communications you are objecting to. Conversely, total exclusion ensures missing out completely on important and relevant products, services and information.

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