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We are a direct marketing consultancy specialising in the sourcing, building and development of marketing databases.

“Business has always been about making decisions and taking action...
and it still is today.”

No prevarication. No procrastination. No wasting time. No using 1000 words when 100 will do. Or hiding behind trendy buzzwords and clichés. Or avoiding calls by hiding behind voicemail so even the simplest of enquiry becomes an endless faceless email exchange lasting anything up to two days when it could easily be sorted in a two minute conversation.

We guarantee a friendly service, but contrary to the fashions of the day we'd rather not Tweet, Facebook or use gimmicks to engage with you. Perhaps, like us, you also feel that the workplace is fast becoming a bit of a playpen and those tools designed to save us all valuable time have actually become the opposite: over-indulged, resource-hungry time thieves!

There are many benefits afforded the business world in this internet age but it can be very easy to get carried away by it all. A business should be more than just a website and an impersonal ‘contact us’ form, while buying the right database is too crucial a decision to become a mere online supermarket experience, unless the source is already tried, tested and proven.

This year GRS Associates Ltd notches up its 29th year in the direct marketing industry. We still believe that nothing beats a real conversation when it comes to advancing a concept. If you too are wary of high-volume, super-cheap, fast and easy data of questionable substance brightly packaged and aggressively sold off to the lowest bidder in a virtual shopping trolley... we definitely need to talk.

So please, call us first. There is no ‘hard sell’. You make the decision and we'll take action... swiftly and efficiently, we trust... but not at the expense of attention to detail or the ‘human element’.

Our Services

  • Business-to-business data
  • Mailing house and fulfilment services*
  • Email design and broadcast services*
  • Tele-marketing services*
  • Bespoke list building
  • Data cleaning and enhancement
  • De-duping and data profiling

In-house & Bespoke Data

We are backed by a comprehensive portfolio of approved business partners*, providing a whole range of additional services and facilities that can help at every stage of your campaign via any chosen medium - post, telephone, fax or email - and all at preferential rates.

For the last seven years we have specialised in the growth sectors of Facilities Management, Health & Safety and Environmental - successfully developing our own pioneering email contact database.

And now, by applying experience accumulated through the development of our in-house datafiles, we are very well positioned to build other bespoke databases using our experienced team of tele-researchers if whatever database you require is not currently available off-the-shelf.

Our Guarantee

As experienced data brokers, we can offer free impartial advice, personal service and, with almost 50 tried and tested data sources in the UK plus another 12 overseas, access to virtually any kind of marketing database.

It has always been our company practice not to mark up broked-in data prices, but instead work for pre-negotiated trade discounts from our suppliers. This means you - the customer - pay the same for your data when buying through us, as you would do buying directly from a list owner. To what is, effectively, a free service we bring two decades of data experience to bear, recommending lists based purely on suitability, not profitability - a guarantee few other list brokers can make.

Furthermore we offer the unconditional assurance that any and all data provided will come with the appropriate quality guarantee. No database can ever be 100% accurate at all times but every possible measure will always be taken to ensure that the highest standards are met while managing expectations realistically and without recourse to hyperbole or exaggerated claims.

As the majority of our work comes from referals we are confident we are doing something right!